We are passionate about the development and success of African startups

We collaborate with big business corporations and development organisations alike, to identify and unlock opportunities for SMEs across the African continent.

In doing so we hope to support inclusive growth and the development of skills. Our dream is to see all Africans thrive and succeed.



At Thinkroom we collaborate


At Thinkroom we collaborate with big business and development organisations alike, to enable impact to entrepreneurs and SMEs across the African continent. We have navigated Africa’s diverse landscape and have engineered reliable relationships with entrepreneurial innovators across Africa.

Our goal is to connect big business with trailblazing African SMEs, train and enhance those entrepreneurs to unlock their full potential, and then use our extensive networks and relationships to skyrocket the SMEs into the market.


Thinkroom Consulting was founded by Catherine Young in 2014. Catherine is also the managing partner at Grindstone Accelerator and Grindstone Ventures.

Catherine’s vision, when founding Thinkroom, was to use her vast knowledge and passion to provide a quality consulting service for both large corporations and developing digital tech entrepreneurs. To make a BIG impact on and in Africa by unlocking the true power of African innovation.

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what thinkroom offers


We work with big business to unlock the infinite potential and possibilities inherent in small businesses across Africa.

We facilitate industry-leading partnerships that will ensure your entrepreneurial programme is successful.

We understand big business and small business. We add real value by creating and managing programmes that ensure any business can and will achieve its objectives.

While Thinkroom focuses on the development of SMEs, it provides development training through Thinkubate, acceleration through Grindstone, and GTM across multiple countries.

Development Training

An online learning portal that assists entrepreneurs with everything they need, in every life stage of their business.


A structured entrepreneurship development programme that assists high-growth innovation-driven companies.

GTM Strategy

Our Go-To-Market product provides a specialised process to ensure SMEs have the right approach to optimisation.

Our Awesome Clients & Partners

Thinkroom Consulting works in the SME development space in over 30 countries across the globe. We produce thought leadership in entrepreneurship development, manage SME development programmes and work with well-known African and international clients and partners such as Microsoft, Standard Bank, Microsoft BizSpark, SAAB, IBM, Hitachi, Telkom, Innovation Hub, Philips and more.

Over the last decade Thinkroom has partnered with numerous corporations invested in unlocking the potential of Africa’s entrepreneurs.


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