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As a thought leader that is passionate about sharing valuable information with our network of global start-ups, Thinkroom releases annual reports that analyse specific markets. These research-driven assessments are used by start-ups and scale-ups to evaluate the market and get a better understanding of the competitive dynamics, prospects, and influence of external factors on a specific industry. Thinkroom compiles these industry analyses to identify the opportunities and threats that could impact businesses, so that start-ups wishing to enter a specific market can use this information to their advantage. Industry reports such as these are the starting point for the Go-To-Market (GTM) programme, and a useful tool for start-ups trying to establish themselves in different regions.

The Opportunities for Singaporean start-ups in South Africa and beyond report was developed to introduce each sector, whether HealthTech or Edtech. This infographic was intended to be used at the start of each sector/industry analysis, providing a wide overview of the potential markets in Africa and South Africa, before narrowing down to look at opportunities in Cape Town as the hub of entrepreneurship and academia in the country, and the host of The Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) Cape Town Acceleration Programme.

Each industry report was developed to be used as an aid to showcase the opportunities available to Singaporean start-ups in South Africa as part of the GIA Cape Town programme – a collaboration between the Grindstone accelerator and Enterprise Singapore. This programme aims to help 20 innovation-driven Singaporean start-ups to grow and expand their business in the South African market, as part of a focused GTM programme.

Opportunities for Singaporean start-ups in South Africa and beyond report


This report was created to provide an overview of start-ups in South Africa, tailored to global start-ups that wish to establish themselves in the country or the broader African market. While this specific report was developed for Singaporean companies, it contains much information that would be useful to both local and global start-ups evaluating the start-up landscape in South Africa and Africa.

Read more about the opportunities for Singaporean start-ups in South Africa and beyond report here


Sector analysis into HealthTech sector in South Africa


This report and infographic provide an overview of the key institutions, individuals, and stakeholders in the South African healthcare ecosystem. It introduces government departments, such as the National Department of Health and the Western Cape Department of Health, along with key figures like the Minister of Health and the Health Director-General. It provides some key statistics such as government expenditure on health, the number of HealthTech start-ups operating in this space, as well as the amount of funding provided to start-ups in the sector.

Read more about our sector analysis into HealthTech sector in South Africa here


Sector analysis on edtech in South Africa


This report provides invaluable insight into the South African education system, with a specific focus on key institutions, individuals, challenges, and opportunities related to edtech. It provides some useful statistics on the education sector, such as government expenditure on education, the number of edtech start-ups operating in this space as well as the expected value of the edtech market.

Find out more about our sector analysis on edtech in South Africa here


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